The Diet Detox

A 5-day Intuitive Eating Mini Course

“I just can’t go on another diet!”

Have you felt this way? Have you felt like you’ve tried it all and nothing seems to work.

You’ve been taught that your body is completely unable to regulate hunger and fullness on it’s own. You’ve been told that all these diets, cleanses, and supplements out there are the “cure” to controlling your hunger and your weight. But here’s the truth…

Dieting makes you preoccupied with food

Dieting has made food the enemy

Dieting makes you feel guilty when if you don’t follow the “rules”

Dieting slows your metabolism


The answer you’ve been looking for has been within you the entire time.

Your body knows when and how much it should eat. It can even guide to making the best food choices for your overall health.

That’s why it’s time for a Diet Detox!

Learn how to be free around food again without diets, meal plans, counting points, calories or macros.

Learn to be aware of hunger and satiety cute to guide your decision to begin eating and stop eating.

Respecting your body shape regardless of your size or shape.

Learn what intuitive eating is and how you can apply it to your life so that can truly break up with dieting for good.

Usually $97, but for this pilot program it’s been discounted to $37 and includes a 20-minute coaching session once you finish the course.

Intuitive eating will not only change your relationship with food; it may change your life.



This 5-day mini-series is your launching pad to becoming an intuitive eater and healing your relationship with food.


Day #1: What kind of eater are you?

Day #2: Understanding the Principles of Intuitive Eating

Day #3: Learning to Honoring Your Hunger

Day #4: Honoring Your Health with Nutrition

Day #5: Respect Your Body


Starts Monday, October 15th!


“After working with Tiffany, I am more self aware of diet culture and have found my tribe. Feels like I’ve been in a bad relationship and didn’t know any better. Now when I’m exposed to being around diet talk, I’m comfortable not partaking or feeling stressed about it.”

~ Ivy

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